Very good 100% recommended

Angeli Reyes

Excellent work


Excellent service, 100% reliable

francisco estrada

He is very kind, attentive and listens to every detail to make a good decision and he is accompanied by a great work team that helps you with everything, he solved my problem too quickly and I recommend him 100%. Thank you from me and my family.

Armando Sánchez

Excellent lawyers, I highly recommend them, they helped me with my sister’s case and they did it with experience, I highly recommend them and they are very kind.

Rony López

I am a court interpreter and I have had the great pleasure of working alongside Mr. Mitkevicius when he was a public defender on several occasions. Even though he speaks perfect Spanish, for the hearings everything has to be presented in English for the minutes. For that reason an interpreter is used.I had two occasions in which I had the opportunity to be the interpreter for the defendant represented by him in a trial. In both trials, he chose jurors with a selection geared towards fair jurors, those who would not use the fact that they are Hispanic or do not speak English against him. He fought well and fairly for clients and in both cases his client was found not guilty of the charges. They won.Mr. Mitkevicius is honest, intelligent in what he does with a big heart for Hispanic people. Trust him and you will have a very good representation!!! He will treat them with the dignity they deserve and explain everything to them so they understand their options. The judicial system is very difficult to understand and for many it seems like a big mess. He will help them and understand it much better, and all in their own language.

Jim Ryder

For me personally, a very honest lawyer, always speaking with the truth and doing everything to help the Hispanic community, thank you, very good job, lawyer, his work in my court was a success.

Nayn Percastegui

Very kind, and they care a lot about the situation we are going through, thank you very much

Sylvya Bautysta

This lawyer is very good. I recommend him. I had a problem and he represented us and everything went well.

Karla Pereira

Very professional and friendly, he resolved all my doubts and made me feel calm since it was my first time in a court situation, everything was resolved gratifyingly, highly recommended.

Abraham Peña Perez

You are as professional as a pine tree. Despite being a lawyer, he is understood perfectly. Thank you for your kindness, time and effort. I have no words to thank you for your personal involvement in my case.

By A

He is an excellent lawyer in criminal cases I really recommend him 100% For us Hispanics he is a blessing Thank you LAWYER

Danira Melendez